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How to Approach Your Calls for Booking Appointments

Booking appointments through cold calling can be difficult.

But there are steps to ensure you’re well-prepared and ready to connect with qualified prospects.

Below are some tips I’ve picked up from various books, salespeople, and experience over the years. 


Your Pre-call Preparation

How well do you know your target audience?

If you plan to blindly call a list of names with little to no research then you’ve already lost. 

Gary Halbert once said, “There is no more of an edge in marketing (and life)  than… knowing the hidden desires of the people you are trying to sell.”

You must spend the majority of your time researching your ideal customer profile to empathize with their needs.

Before you start calling identify 2-3 of the most common challenges your prospects face that you can solve.

I’m going to repeat this many times, but you’re not trying to convince someone of anything. You’re presenting challenges and seeing what they resonate with. Thorough research is how you win so don’t skip this step.


How to Approach Your Call

When it comes to your approach this will vary depending on your style and what you feel comfortable with.

However, pay attention to the personality types of the people you’re calling.

Are you calling HR roles? Founders? Directors?

If you’re speaking with type-A people who are non-stop busy get straight to the point. On the flipside, if you’re speaking with HR types then you may want to dial it back a bit.

Remember the goal is to book qualified meetings, we aren’t trying to convince people of anything.

Sure, you could try to strong-arm someone into a meeting but is that a quality person to pass onto your AE or closer?

Research puts you ahead of the game here.

Based on your research, throw out the most common challenges your prospects are facing and see which one they identify with.

Since you’ve done your research and know the challenges of your prospects, they should be well aware of any challenges you bring to their attention. 

This is how you build real rapport with your prospects by showing them you understand their situation.

 And if they don’t identify with any of them? That’s OK. We’re looking for people who have a problem that needs to be solved right now. Follow up with them at a later date.

It’s also important to remember that you’re booking a meeting, not selling the product. Uncover the challenges they’re facing, make an emotional connection to solving the problem, and book the meeting. Your job isn’t to sell the product in the first call. 



Pay attention to the kind of objections you’re hearing.

If it sounds like a clear objection that disqualifies them, let’s say they don’t have any money, then follow up with them later.

If their objection is unclear then clarify them to understand what they mean.

I’m skeptical of the service – “Are there any past experiences that have contributed to your doubts, which we could address?”

I’m not interested – “Do you mean now or forever”

Before you hang up clarify the unclear and follow up later with those who aren’t qualified.



You’ve thrown out common challenges and they express how they’re experiencing one of them.

Before you close for the appointment you must dig deeper.

It’s important to make an emotional connection about why they need to solve their problems.

This is done by asking simple questions and listening. Now when you pass off the appointment, you’ll have a ton of data and you’re closer will love you.


How is challenge x happening? How has challenge x been happening over the past 3 months? When is challenge x happening? How is challenge x impacting your business?


Each time they express a problem uncover a deeper layer.

Once you’ve hit these deeper layers, you have them emotionally invested in solving their problem, and you’re armed with lots of data, book the meeting.