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Avoid Your Emails Being Sent to Spam with Spintax


Are you sending the same email to thousands of people?

Chances are you’re heading straight to the spam folder.

Why go through all the hard work of creating an email campaign only to never reach the inbox?

The good news?

The simple addition of spintax can change all that.

The truth is mass spamming emails out to anyone and everyone is all too common.

So, email Providers like Google are monitoring to protect inboxes from unwanted emails.

If they see you sending the same exact email over and over, you’re going to raise some algorithmic eyebrows leading you to junk purgatory.

To combat this, it’s important to personalize your emails.

Personalization will help you avoid the spam folder and improve your response rate.

But personalizing thousands of emails?

Good luck having time for anything else on your schedule.

That’s where spintax comes in.


What is Spintax?


Spintax is adjusting the content of your email, without changing the core message.

The main goal is to make your emails more unique.

With spintax you’ll be sending different variations of the greeting, CTA, close, P.S. lines.

Benefits of adding these variations?

     More unique emails.

     Stand out in a sea of cold emails.

     Don’t appear like a mass cold email campaign.

Another benefit to spintax is you’ll be able to see which copy is converting best and double down on what works.


Use Spintax with AI


A.I. is a very versatile tool that can help save you hours and hours of prep work for personalized emails.

Once such tool is Cargo which is an extension for google sheets.

Import your lead list to google sheets.

Then use Cargo to create personalized greetings, one-liners, and more.

If you have a website column on your leads list you can have Cargo analyze the website of each lead to create personalized copy on autopilot.


How to Use Spintax


How you incorporate spintax will depend on your email tool of choice but they’re all very similar and easy to use.

You’ll write your email and include the spintax section within curly brackets {{spintax}}}.

An email may look like the following:

     Hey {{firstName}},


     Your main offer goes here which will not change,


     Your Name

     Your Company

     P.S. {{customOneLiner}}

Stay off the spam radar and increase your response rate with interesting emails. All it takes is simple variations using spintax in your cold email campaigns.

Start incorporating this into your campaigns and let me know how it works for you.