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Pay Per Lead

Maximize Profits. Minimize Risk.

Say Goodbye to Retainer Contracts

"Joe is a great communicator. He is also thorough and delivered on time." - Moment Software

3 Easy Steps to High Quality Leads

No Retainer Contracts.

1. Onboarding

Fill out our questionnaire so we can understand your ICP and buyer persona.

2. Create Campaign

We'll build your lead list, create your campaign and get your approval.

3. Deliver Your Leads

We'll deliver your meeting ready leads straight to your inbox.

Why Pay Per Lead?

Reduce Risk

We put our money where our mouth is. No setup fees. No complicated 6-12 month retainer contracts without any guarantee of ROI for your business.

If you're reaping the benefits from the leads you can easily renew with us however if the leads aren't up to par you aren't tied to working with us again.

It's on us to earn your repeat business by consistently providing you with high quality leads.

Lead Segmentation

Other agencies work every single lead treating each one the same.

We do things differently.

Our funnels actually segment people out by asking a series of questions which means we're able to prioritize quality over quantity.

For example, let's say you want a confirmed homeowner making $75k or above with no HOA.

With our technology we have the ability to pass only the leads that suit your sales team and hold the others back or put them in an email sequence. Your sales team will love talking to high quality prospects that fit the profile of your ideal customer.

Your Success Is Our Success

We go above and beyond to ensure quality is achieved.

If you're having any problems in your sales process we'll work with you to identify the problem, make suggestions, then execute any agreed changes.

Whether it's a direct response autoresponders, nurture sequences, follow-up systems, a CRM, or more, we want to ensure you have the right tools in place to take advantage of your leads.

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